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Order a Monogram Necklace for Christmas Delivery!


The coveted monogram necklace is what every girl wants for a Christmas Gift.  Its is the perfect personalized present, a custom pendant with her unique 3 initial monogram made in the options and the metal of her choosing.  Even if she already has a monogrammed necklace, adding another metal choice or style like a colorful acrylic so she has choices in her jewelry box is a great idea.

Carolina Clover offers so many quality American jewelry designers, metals, materials and styles to choose from, you will marvel at the selection 3 initial monogram designs in sterling silver, gold and acrylics..

The most important item of note is that the deadline to order a monogram necklace for Christmas 2016 delivery is Tuesday, December 6th. So with that out of the way, let's launch into some of our featured designs that must be ordered by the 6th...

Jane Basch Jewelers does phenomenal work on their crafted monogrammed necklaces in various styles and metals.  Choose a sterling silver, gold vermeil or solid gold piece in their gorgeous freeform celebrity inspired monogram design:

Initial Reaction is another American jewelry designer we offer, we'd like to showcase their acrylic monogram necklace collection for its color selection and detail in the 3 initial pendant. There's a lot of inexpensive acrylic monogrammed necklaces out there these days, and we showcase this one for the sturdy chain and the thicker cut of acrylic and detail we think is definitely worth your purchase:

Acrylic monogram necklace

The detail in the cut outs and filigree is unique to your 3 initials.  This takes time in production, therefore our jewelers need your order by December 6th so your gift recipient can receive her gift in time for Christmas.  Please consider too, as we always have customers that travel for Christmas that you gift is guaranteed by Christmas which may mean an actual Christmas Eve delivery. If you don't plan to be home for Christmas, please provide us an alternate domestic address we can ship to to make our Christmas guarantee.  Also status updates will not be provided during this busy, high volume time as we simply don't have them from the Jeweler to provide to you, you can be assured that your order is being processed diligently in the queue.

If you are local to our Wake Forest, NC retail store, stop in to see our monogram necklace samples.  We have several on display from Jane BaschInitial Reaction and other jewelers featuring hand engraved pendants, cut out pendants, filigree styles and of course if you wish to view the traditional engraved options we have those too. Get to shopping and ordering your monogrammed necklace, the deadline is near!

Carolina Clover, The Monogram Boutique

123 S. White Street, Suite 200

Wake Forest, NC 27587

See more information on our retail store.

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