About CarolinaClover.Com and Carolina Clover, The Monogram Boutique

Carolina Clover has created an online store and a brick and mortar store where you have access to quality monogrammed gifts and apparel trends at an affordable price. While gift trends shift and evolve, the future of good gift giving remains the personalized factor.  Our menu of gift designers and artisans specialize in providing etching, engraving, knitting, metalsmithing and woodwork with a fast turn around and an affordable price. Our selection of quality monogrammed jewelry includes the hottest styles of monogrammed necklaces, rings, and earrings. Carolina Clover's jewelry line features custom designs for mommy jewelry, grandma jewelry, little girls jewelry, as well as jewelry featuring sororities in a multitude of finishes and designs that we hope will become gift giving keepsakes and family heirlooms.

Other items featured by Carolina Clover include personalized gifts and stylish accessories for your life and your home.  We've selected quality products from a line of reputable gift designers and American Jewelry Artists and we strive to incorporate American made and manufactured gifts as well as employing our own local artisans for their handmade contributions. We have curated this line of reputable gift designers since our very beginning.

We've added on site monogram embroidery service and vinyl decal service to our retail location located in Historic Downtown Wake Forest, NC.  If you're ever in town, stop by for a visit and see our fellow boutiques, artisans and craftspeople, coffee shops, brewery and restaurants in our gorgeous downtown.  

Carolina Clover has been crafting personalized gifts since 2009 with the start of Later that same year, the owner opened her first retail location in a small business incubator.  Everything she's done has been for the purpose of reinvesting in, growing and expanding her business.  In 2015, with a lot of really hard work, Carolina Clover outgrew our incubator and landed with 2 employees in own retail spot in historic Wake Forest. Our on site embroidery is done with our own commercial embroidery machines and our vinyl decaling is done with our own machines and we ship some of our own gift and apparel designs right from our retail store. Now with a few more employees, we are not currently a franchise, we are considered a "mom shop" and we are a woman-owned small business helping other women expand their businesses by offering their personalized gift designs in our shop.

Read our reviews both on our site and off our site, read our web reviews and our destination reviews, we are trusted seller online and we produce a quality product, communicate promptly and fairly and we seek to exceed your expectations with thorough product descriptions and pictures so you know exactly what to expect from us. 

And if you are wondering where the name came from...

Luck, Love, Hope and Faith, that's what a four leafed clover represents; a traditionally "lucky" clover that we have discovered growing in our very own yard under the tall Carolina pines and that's how we came about the "Carolina Clover"!

I hope you'll stay tuned for more monogrammed jewelry, gifts, and apparel coming from Carolina Clover. You are invited to follow me on my blog at for announcements on new designs, sales, features, and inspirations.

Thanks for visiting, y'all come back!


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