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What is a Monogram?

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Carolina Clover has customers from all over the world visit our monogram shop located in downtown Wake Forest, NC. Recently, one of our out of towners asked, "What is a Monogram?"  

A monogram is a unique and personalized arrangement of your initials to show artistry and ownership of gifts, jewelry and clothing.  A ladies monogram is arranged with her first initial to the left, then her last name initial is placed in the center and made larger and her middle initial is placed on the right as shown below.  This is the traditional monogram for Jane Anne Smith:

The artistry comes in when a certain style is chosen to artistically render a ladies monogram. For example, in the monogram necklace shown below, this is an interlocking style of interlocking the center initial with the other two:

what is a monogram

Another style is shown below in a circle block style with the letters rounded in an artistic rendering. The last name is featured in the center.

What is a monogram

Just when you think you have an understand of what a monogram is, we change it up on you! A man's monogram is traditionally his given name initials all in order.  His "initials", in a masculine style.  A masculine style for men is actually typically a block font shown below.

what is a monogram

Other accepted forms of monograms for men, can be a diamond font or a circle block font and this would require placing the gentlemen's last name initial in like the ladies monogram. 

Monogramming is a southern tradition that has quickly spread internationally because of it's personalized appeal.  You can't purchase a personalized gift in a box store, so specialty retailers have tapped into this niche as a way to appeal to the gift shopping market. Southerners love to monogram their homes, their gifts, their babies, their clothing and more.

Carolina Clover has a monogram shop in brick and mortar and online specializing in monogram gifts for ladies, men and babies.  We offer on site embroidery of soft goods of the clothing, apparel, and home decor you bring us as well as the items available in our monogram store.  

Carolina Clover also overs you the ability to view your monogram online with our free monogram maker.  Play with this monogram generator to see your initials in the traditional ladies monogram with the last name initial made larger.  We have a few styles available like interlocking, curlz and block to see what your monogram might look like in a traditional monogram style. We added a little bit more fun to the monogram maker that allows you to input your initials, generate your monogram and add a cute wallpaper background to the graphic.  Once your graphic is developed you can download a file and use if for your computer wallpaper or get really creative and create some stationery for your desk or a background for a binder.

We invite you to get creative with our monogram maker and play with all the monograms you can make now that you know what a monogram is.  We hope you come to love monograms as much as we do and will visit Carolina Clover's monogram shop to create your own monogram gifts online!

Carolina Clover, The Monogram Boutique

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