4 Uses for a Monogram Stationery Set

Posted by Dawn, Store Owner on 9th Jun 2015

Every southern belle needs to have her very own monogram stationery on her desk to write a proper thank you note, extend and invitation, to send warm sympathies. In this digital age of emails and text messages, the hand written note is still proper etiquette.

The versatility of a classy set of stationery knows no bounds.  Use your monogram stationery as an...

1) invitation to invite friends to a dinner party, 

2) accompany a gift as the greeting instead of relying on Hallmark, 

3) extend sympathies from your heart, and of course 

4) thank your hostess for her hospitality!

This is why the personalized stationery set is the perfect gift for the new bride or graduate as they embark on new chapters in their lives.  If you are looking for a unique gift for a lady, a monogrammed stationery set is the perfect gift, especially if you've admired her penmanship and knows she likes to write a note.

Carolina Clover's stationery sets are designed by our own North Carolina Designer in Grid Creative Studio.  Diana has provided us very updated stationery styles with her graphic design talents.  Our stationery sets are hand designed and gift boxed with enough notes in the set for all the needed occasions!

Monogram Stationery Sets

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