Free Monogram Maker Tutorial!

Posted by Dawn, Store Owner on 30th Jan 2017

Carolina Clover has developed a free monogram maker tool and we want you to come play!  If you love monograms, or if you are just a DIY crafter, we've got a REAL treat for you that won't even cost you your email address. Free is free right! You don't even have to hit the unsubscribe button.

Carolina Clover originally developed this monogram generator to help our customers visualize their monogram in the most popular fonts.  In our free and fun little online monogram maker, we can show you a sample of what your monogram will look like in the circle font, the block font, the curlz font and a scripted vine font.  This is a basic rendering of your 3 initial monogram with the last name larger in the middle.

So let's get started with a brief little tutorial on how to make your monogram on our monogram tool.  First, input your initials where you see the letters on the tool.

Just take your clicker, mouse, tap or whatever and tap on the ABC spots.  Complete your initials with your first name initial in the A spot, your LAST name initial in the B spot and you middle name initial in the C spot. You can change the color of the monogram by clicking on the colors tab.  You can change the style of the monogram or the font of the monogram by clicking on styles. Watch the styles change right in front of your EYES! Find the monogram font style that you favor the most and the color of the monogram. and move to the patterns tab.

This is our favorite part of the monogram tool.  Change the background pattern, but clicking on the patterns tab and you'll have an opportunity to select the background pattern.  Choose from any color houndstooth, quatrefoil, and other trendy patterns for the background of your monogram.  You'll love seeing what your monogram looks like in different designs! See a few fun monogram design we've done here:

We've added one more FUN element to this monogram maker!  Once you get the monogram design you love with your choice of background, colors and font, you can either download a free monogram file or print it out with the icons on the side of the tool.  If you know how to manipulate graphics, you can pull the file into a basic paint tool and make further edits to the monogram design.

What can you make with Carolina Clover's free monogram maker?  We've had customers make their own stationery, screen savers, letterhead and cover sheets for notebooks. If you really know what you are doing you can print on to your very own decals and stickers!  We hope you had fun learning about our free monogram viewing tool and hope that you are able to do something fun with our monogram tool.  What originally started out at something to assist customers has become something really fun to play with.  We also like to encourage you to shop for your monogrammed gifts, so we like to tuck a coupon code in our tool page for customers who like to play AND shop.  Let us know what you can make with our free monogram tool! Have fun!