How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

Posted by Dawn, Carolina Clover Owner on 24th Jul 2017

With so much shopping online, a measurement provided in inches is hard to convert to a visual.  It's different than being in the store and quickly trying on the necklace. This is why Carolina Clover likes to provide customers with a visual for choosing their necklace length.  We get so many questions like what necklace length do I order? Or where would a 16 inch necklace fall on me? The answer lies i n your body build. Petite ladies with a smaller build will have a different feeling wearing a 16 inch necklace than a plus size lady who may be entirely uncomfortable in a 16 inch necklace. It also depends on where you would like your necklace to fall around your neck. Descriptions of necklaces do their best to give you an idea of length by providing exact inches, but a customer is better served with a picture of where a necklace they are purchasing online might fall on their neckline. We like to give customers the following picture to use as a general guideline when selecting a monogram necklace from Carolina Clover:

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A 14 inch necklace considered a choker for average adults.  We suggest this length for little girls 10 and under.  A 14 inch necklace is likely to fit right on your neck.  For plus size ladies, we do not suggest this length unless it is made of a stretchy elastic material that is adjustable.

A 16 inch necklace lays at the collar bone. For average size ladies this can be seen inside an open button up collar, but will likely fall inside of a crew neck top. We like this size for open collars, and v neck shirts and the like. A plus size lady will be uncomfortable with 16 inch necklace.

An 18 inch necklace length is considered standard and can be worn outside of collars for an average size lady.  This would be the open collar look for a plus size lady.  A petite lady will see a pendant on an 18 inch chain fall low between her breasts and would most likely wear a pendant of a chain of this length on the outside of her tops.

A 20 inch necklace length is a comfortable length for a plus size lady.  For average and petite, this necklace length begins to feel like a fashion pendant style hanging outside of their clothing and probably a little larger for the pendant.

A 24 inch necklace is suitable for all ladies and is considered a fashion necklace length.  We typically see a larger pendant on the end of this length and will typically lay right on her chest.

A 30 inch necklace length can now be doubled up.  So if you are considering a stand of beads at 30 inches, you may be able to get them over your head to layer them twice for a choker look.  You can definitely do this double up move if there is a clasp on this necklace. Each strand would be 15 inches doubled up.

A 33 inch necklace length is definitely a fashion look and is best used on tunics and a line dresses at this length.  This length can also be doubled up to give you 2 16 inch strands to double up or to pull one strand a little tighter like a choker and leave a little drop on the second strand.  Most people can make this happen if there is a clasp on the necklace, if there is not, you may not be able to double it up as it will be snug for that second loop.  Most times their is not a clasp on the 33 inch necklace, but we have see where they are made of a stretch strand giving you the option to wear long or short.

That's Carolina Clover's round up of how to choose your necklace length based on your size and where you would like this necklace to fall.  If you found this informational, please click our share buttons at the top of this page.  If you are ever in the Wake Forest, NC area, stop in our Monogram Boutique where many of our necklace designs are on display.

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