How to Monogram Items That You Cannot Get Into the Embroidery Machine

Posted by Dawn, Store Owner on 20th Feb 2018

Wow. We've seen a lot of items customers want to monogram in our busy little embroidery shop.  We've had 9 foot umbrellas, luggage, countless golf bags, stadium chairs, coolers, utility totes with metal frames and more.

We don't want to turn a customer away because we can't embroider his/her item, so we have devised alternatives to actually putting the items in the machine.  The reason we cannot embroider some items is that they have metal frames, like the Thirty One Utility Tote and others similar.  The 9 foot umbrella we could not embroider as the cover would not remove from the metal frame.  The metal frame itself was too heavy for our machine. Luggage we cannot embroider as the material is rigid for our embroidery frames in most cases and too heavy for the machine.

At Carolina Clover, we have the ability to embroider up to a 9 inch tall monogram, logo or initials with our very large embroidery frames.  The frames lock together and a very heavy item will pull the hoop apart in the embroidery process.  For items we cannot embroider on directly we offer our customers an embroidered patch.  

Our customers select a coordinating fabric, a patch size, their font and thread color and we go to work making a custom patch that is then attached to the item after embroidery with waterproof fabric glue.  They get the embroidery applique look without the risk of machine or item damage. 

We typically embroider a frame, like a square or a circle around the monogram, name or initials they want on their item.  We finish this raw edge in 2 ways.  Sometimes a customer will choose a raggy edge and we will distress the fringe around the patch.  Other times a customer will prefer a straight edge and we will cut the fabric close to the embroidered frame and treat it with a no fray fabric solution.  Once the patch is complete it is attached to the item that was not able to fit in the embroidery machine.

Upper left/right:  A stadium chair that was too heavy for the embroidery machine and did not have a removeable cover, received a raggy patch with a monogram.

Lower Left: Utility tote with a metal frame was too wide for the machine to operate properly.  We embroidered on black fabric with a finished no fray edge and coordinating white thread and attached to the now personalized utility tote.

Lower Right:  This golf bag did not have a removeable embroidery panel and already had embroidery on this flap that the customer wanted to cover up.  We stitched a large black patch, treaded the edge with no fray and attached with waterproof glue to cover the old embroidery.

If you are local to Wake Forest, North Raleigh and Rolesville North Carolina, check out Carolina Clover's drop off embroidery service located in downtown Wake Forest.

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