How to Remove or Fix an Embroidered Monogram

Posted by Dawn, Store Owner on 3rd Feb 2018

We've seen so much bad quality or wrong embroidery in our 9+ years of providing monogram and logo embroidery service to our customers in our retail store.  With the explosion of home embroiderers with massive commercial machines in their craft rooms, comes much unprofessional embroidery results.  Not always but sometimes. The well intended home crafter has had her share of embroidery mistakes and machine malfunctions.  Our customers have had their fair share of ordering mistakes, initials embroidered in the wrong order or a huge inventory of logo apparel that needs a new logo when the business sells or rebrands. What do you do with an embroidery mistake, just throw it away?

At Carolina Clover, The Monogram Boutique, we've been lucky enough to see so many of these challenges come through our doors and we love being able to offer our customers real solutions vs. real losses.  Most of our customers want to know how to remove an embroidered monogram or logo from textiles like bags and apparel.  While removal is possible, it typically does not produce a good result once it is removed.  The reason for this is many foundational stitches are added to embroidery under the design.  This can really destroy the fabric under the embroidery.  Commercial embroidery designs are the worst with this because they lay thousands of foundation stitches.  If you wish to remove embroidery, start to work on the larger stitches first.  Use a seem ripper found at many fabric or box stores that looks like this.

The blade that cuts the embroidery stitch is in the center of this tool.  The success of removing a monogram depends on being able to preserve the fabric underneath the embroidery.  If you're not careful with this tool you will get holes in your fabric.  The best fabrics to remove embroidery from with the best result is from self healing fabrics like cotton canvases or polyester canvases.  Large weave fabrics tend to do well, but smaller weave and finer fabrics do not do well with removing embroidery stitches because the embroidery destroys them in the process, so when you remove these stitches you have needle holes and distressed fabric. Leather like materials will leave holes as well.

While Carolina Clover does not provide embroidery removal services, we do offer embroidery patch and fix services.  There are several ways to fix an embroidery mistake.  If actually removing the embroidered stitches is not an option, we offer our customers an applique patch over the embroidery.  This can be done in several ways.  The first option is to sew a circle applique over a monogram or logo that looks like this: 


Before Embroidery Patch                   After Embroidery Patch

Applique patches are the perfect solution to covering up monograms that either haven't been done well or have been done incorrectly.  If these are gifts, they can be easily done where the back of the old monogram is covered up as well with cut away embroidery backing as shown below.

Carolina Clover has experienced a few scenarios where businesses have either rebranded or restructured with new names or new owners or even new images.  We've patched embroidered logos as well.  A recent project of our was a huge back of jacket patch where we did a tone on tone patch to look as blended as possible.  This was a back of jacket embroidery patch and left chest embroidery patch to cover up old logos.

We were thrilled to help Alexander Farms rebrand their old logo apparel with their new logo without tossing out perfectly good field jackets. Applique patches don't have to be round, they are available in square and rectangle in various sizes to suit the patch project.  Select  solid color fabric or a pattern fabric depending on the look you are trying to achieve.  

Carolina Clover is here to help you with your embroidery fix project.  We offer ship to us embroidery services, let us help you save items that can be fixed by an embroidery patch.  Even children's clothing that has been embroidered for one child can be patched for the next child, so give us a call or an email to see how we can help you with your embroidery fix.

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