Monogram Tire Cover for Jeeps!

Posted by Dawn, Store Owner on 27th Mar 2017

Carolina Clover likes big monograms, we cannot lie!  That's why we get so excited every time we get to stitch a custom wheel cover with one of our mega monograms on a Jeep Tire Cover!  Our spare tire cover is one of our best selling items and we get so excited to match your jeep color and your personal style on your cover.

Why choose a Carolina Clover tire cover?  Quality and durability.  Our tire cover is embroidered with 40K stitches, which means we stitch your monogram on to the tire cover. This is not a sticker, this is not a decal. This is a real, lasting design created on your wheel cover.  

Size. Let 's talk size.  We embroider the biggest tire cover we possibly can which is 9 inches on the center of the cover.  If you purchase a decal/sticker wheel cover, you can get the design bigger, but it won't last.  We sell decals ourselves for various products and even the outdoor 6 year vinyl cannot withstand the sun, the rain, the salt, the soap and the whipping of the cover in the wind. All it needs to start peeling and cracking is to lift away from the tire cover material a little bit and then your tire cover hasn't lasted a year.

Carolina Clover is able to embroider your name, your monogram or your initials on your monogram tire cover, which is a quality Smitybilt tire cover.  The larger sizes have a drawstring closure and the smaller sizes have elastic.

Carolina Clover can also match the color of your jeep with our thread selection which no vinyl decal can do. We love our gallery of tire cover pictures that we've embroidered. Check it out...

This our master circle monogram font in white thread on this jeep tire cover.

This is a custom order embroidered on this wheel cover in white.  Entire design measures 17 inches wide by 13 inches tall.

This is our vine monogram font on this tire cover in aqua thread.

This is our circle block with lime green thread on this monogram tire cover.

This is our master circle monogram font in hot pink thread on this tire cover and it measures 9 inches tall.

See our entire listing for our monogrammed tire cover on Carolina Clover!

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