Monogrammed Backpacks and Lunch Tote Bags have ARRIVED!

3rd Jul 2018

We love to see the students file into our shop to get a new backpack and lunch box for the school year. For the student it is SO exciting for mom and dad it is the BIGGEST INVESTMENT  of your back to school dollars.  We get it, so Carolina Clover is in the business of monogrammed backpacks and lunch box sets that come complete with an embroidered name, monogram, or initials.  Our theory is, yes, these items cost more than the pencils and paper you send your kids to school with, so let's put our names/initials on them to keep them from getting lost, on the bus, on the field, in the lost and found, in the cafeteria and so on and so forth! You KNOW what were are talking about here!

So let's get on with showing you the cutest selection of girls monogrammed backpacks that are to die for. The girl will be super excited and the parents will love the practicality of an embroidered personalization on the bag. Our embroidery is completed in our shop with commercial, professional embroidery.

This mosaic floral backpack for girls is adorable and comes complete with all the pockets and pouches you need to get all the supplies to school and back.  A matching lunch tote box is available too while supplies last, which reminds us. Our backpacks sell out every year, so it is mission critical to get your order in ASAP. Shop for our complete selection of girls monogrammed backpacks.

Our backpack supplier has done an amazing job of putting together complete matching monogram backpack and lunch box sets!  We have the bookbag, the lunch box, the pencil pouch AND the drawstring gym tote bag all to match.  In a house with a lot of kids, this can be critical for packing the bags to make sure the right gym shorts get in the right bag and no peanut butter get in the right lunch box.  Moms know.  We particularly like this solid color set for girls or boys that has all the totes needed.

Order only the bags you need in our backpack sets that are optional add ons.  If you need a gym tote, checkout these matching drawstring backpacks.

monogrammed drawstring backpacks

monogrammed backpack and lunch box sets for kids

We have so many more backpack patterns, combos and sizes for you to shop at and our retail store located in downtown Wake Forest, NC.  Check out our entire inventory on our personalized backpack section and let us know if we can help you to match up a backpack set of solids or patterns.