Preschool Sized Personalized Backpacks in Cute Designs

Posted by Dawn, Store Owner on 26th Jul 2018

It's overwhelming how much little preschool sized tots have to carry to and from pre-k or preschools.  From supplies to art to homework it is packed in their little backpacks.  Where do you find smaller backpacks fit for preschoolers?  Shop Carolina Clover for adorable backpacks for boys and girls that are personalized with our professional embroidery.

Savvy moms and dads know that embroidering a child's name on their backpack is a great investment.  Kids leave their backpacks on the bus, at a friend's house in the classroom and bookbags that have been left can be returned to the rightful owner with a proper name embroidered on the font of the bag. Parents and children risk losing the bag and the contents of the bag if the bag gets tossed into the lost and found. 

We recommend to parents to add a child's name, initials or monogram or even just a single initial to a bag to personalize the bags for children. Some parents prefer to not add a name, and that's understandable, but don't shy away from personalization if this is your preference. Just embroidering the child's initials can personalize a backpack enough to have it returned to them if it goes missing.

With that said, we have some adorable backpack patterns to show you for the little preschoolers.  These bags measure a bit smaller as to not overwhelm their little bodies, so they can go from early day care through kindergarten with them where they can handle a larger bag.

preschool backpack

Our adorable patterns are confetti, swirl and blue camo and these personalized preschool backpacks feature your personalization on the front outside pocket of the backpack. These bookbags measure the perfect preschool size 11.25" L x 4" W x 14" H. They feature a durable and lined polyester fabric that is a perfect toss into the washing machine to clean.  We recommend laying flat to dry as our own kids have used these bags.  The shoulder straps are adjustable to get that fit for little shoulders and inside the bag is 2 main compartments with and interior zipper pocket. All the pockets on the outside of this preschool backack are a durable zipper closure.

We love the additional patterns of the pink puppy and the blue puppy for the preschoolers this year.  Also featuring their embroidered monogram, name or initials. This is an adorable line that is sure to sell out for the preschool folks. The preschool puppy backpack is available in blue and pink.

Let Carolina Clover help you with your personalized preschool sized backpack this year. Order online at or visit our retail store located in Downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina where we offer a special order on these bags, a free ship to store pick up for our local customers and on site embroidery performed right in our shop.