The Bar Necklace

Posted by Dawn, Store Owner on 22nd Aug 2016

We have been shocked at how popular the bar necklace has become.  Featured in movies, worn on celebrities, engraved, cut out, designs of all kinds are evolving around the bar necklace. When we first heard about this necklace we thought who would want a gold bar necklace?  But it is not the stamped gold bar in Fort Knox if that's what you are thinking like we did!

We first noticed the thin gold bar necklace on the character Claire from Jurassic World the movie about a year ago.  It was then our hottest seller for Christmas a grew from a simple gold bar to an engraved bar necklace.  With even new twists on the jewelry design this year, we expect it to be popular once again. Carolina Clover offers both style of personalized gold bar necklace and the simple gold bar necklace.  Our customers have chosen to engrave a single name on their bar necklace as shown here:

Engraved Gold Bar Necklace

The bar necklaces we offer are either horizontal with attached necklace or a vertical style with a chain through a bail as shown in the center of the photo here:

We love this product photo, because it brings us to our next bar necklace design, a little thicker in its make up, a little more readable, we have the coordinates bar necklace.  This is super fun as the latitude and longitude of a special place is engraved in the bar.  It could be home, your favorite vacation place, where your children were born, where he proposed engraved in a nice keepsake piece of jewelry.

Since our latitude and longitude necklaces have been so popular, our jewelers have expanded the line with acrylics. Now you can add your favorite colors to your latitude and longitude coordinated necklace as shown below:

latitude and longitude bar necklace

Bar necklaces come in every size, this one is a little thicker showing the engraving a little larger featuring her name.

So do your research and decide on the bar necklace you want to create. They are available in a variety of acrylics, silver or gold and gold plated.  They can feature your name, coordinates, initials or monogram. Let us know if we can help you shop Carolina Clover for your special bar necklace design.