​The Ultimate College Shopping List for Girls

Posted by Shelby Johnson, Sales and Marketing on 6th Jul 2016

Hey incoming college freshman! Do you feel a little clueless as to what you actually need while spending your first year away from home and on campus? Here's a list of must have items that will make your first year stress free and one to remember!

For your dorm room:

Unfortunately, unless you decided to go with a private suite for your first year, you will be sharing what seems to be a small 10x10 room with someone you may have never met! Creating a spacious section on your side of the room will prevent you from feeling claustrophobic and trapped. Using stackable shelving units that do not attach to the wall is a great way of organizing your stash of food and any miscellaneous items you may have. Adding a monogrammed vinyl decal to your shelves will let everyone know that they belong to you and to keep out. Not to mention, monogrammed decals are all the rage with college aged girls this year. It adds cute detailing to items at a low cost.

Another typical item you will need for dorm room is cute bedding! You'll be spending most of you time in your dorm studying by yourself or visiting with friends. You'll want to create a welcome environment that reminds you of home. Finding a cute simple colored comforter and adding a monogram in the center of the bedspread is a great way add simple detailing and distinguish your side of your shared room. Another option is monogramming pillow cases! They stand out and are top trend right now!

Adding some cute decor to your walls via command hooks is a great way to finalize your side of the room. Many college girls go for a large wooden monogrammed decoration and hang it above their bed.

A laundry tote is absolutely essential for doing laundry. It will prevent you from creating a mess of dirty clothes on your floor and is helpful when hauling your load to the laundry room. Once again you'll want to add your monogram to your laundry tote to prevent it from being lost or stolen.

  • A few other items you'll want to consider bringing for you room is:
  • A mattress pad (those beds are not comfy)
  • A matress protector (trust me you'll want one)
  • A warm cozy blanket for nights in
  • A box fan to drown out any sounds
  • Fairy or twinkle lights
  • Command hooks and lots of them
  • Desk organizer
  • Bedroom rug
  • Trash can

For your bathroom:

Most of you will experience a communal bathroom for the first time and a MUST HAVE is a shower caddy. Shower caddies are great for keeping toiletries contained and eliminating the need for counter space. Busy bathrooms only have so much room for leaving soaps and shampoos and you'll want to keep it all coraled in a shower tote that features outside mesh pockets and large openings and handles. Adding a monogram to your shower caddy will insure that it never gets lost or stolen.

A towel wrap will be crucial when walking to and from your community bathroom. You may live on the same floor as guys and you will want to feel comfortable walking back to your room.

A few other items you'll want to consider bringing for your bathroom is:

  • washclothes and hand towels
  • shower shoes
  • electronic hair tools organizer
  • hair wrap towel

Your freshman year of college will be the most exciting time of your life! Enjoy every aspect of it and try to get involved in as much as possible. Don't over pack and make sure everything is labled with your name. Have fun this fall and go (insert name of mascot here)!

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