Top 10 Personalized Graduation Gift Ideas

Top 10 Personalized Graduation Gift Ideas

Posted by Carolina Clover on 7th Feb 2017

Top 10 Graduation Gift Ideas

What do you get for a graduation gift? Carolina Clover has graduation gift ideas for you whether your graduate is going off to college or going off to the real world. Our most popular gift ideas for college bound high school grads are those practical and purposeful items that can be used in the communal living of the college dorm.  We can also make suggestions for a keepsake gift to mark a major life milestone.  For the college graduate, usually heading off to the real world, we see many gifts purchased to mark the milestone or to stylishly furnish apartment living. Here are our top 10 graduation gift ideas!

For the High School Grad Going off to College we suggest:

1. Monogram Towel Wrap-Many dorms still have communal bathrooms and a monogram towel wrap is essential to a busy bathroom.

2.  Monogrammed Tote Bag - Walking across campus still requires toting books, tablets and laptops, a monogram tote bag is essential.

3. Monogrammed Rain Jacket - Walking or biking across campus in the rain will happen, gear up the grad with a new monogrammed rain jacket that packs down easily.

4. Monogrammed Tumbler or Coffee Tumbler - again, communal living! Your grad will be able to tote her beverage and know which is hers.

5. Monogrammed Baseball Hat - Bad hair days, rain and the elements all play a part in being late for class. Your student can throw on a ball cap and get out the door.

6. Monogrammed Clothing Choose a quarter zip or tee for easy wear and wash while away from home. Makes for a gorgeous gift and practical to, high school grads love a good sweatshirt and one with an embroidered monogram is even better.

7. Monogram Shower Caddy- We guarantee your student is sharing a bathroom with several other students. Either in a hallway or in dorm situation.  Being able to keep the counters clear of EVERYBODY'S toiletries is critical where space is a premium.

8. Monogram Drawstring Laundry Bag - Essential for the dorm dweller and for toting the dirties home to mom on the weekend.

9. Monogram Bath Towel Set - For the dorm or apartment dweller, she'll love her own monogrammed towel set. Gorgeous and practical.

10. Monogram Umbrella - Waling across campus, our compact and monogrammed umbrella in adorable designer patterns is a must have for her tote bag.

For the College Grad going into the real world or apartment living, we suggest something practical or something keepsake:

1. Monogram Necklace - Her very own custom made monogram necklace as a keepsake to mark the milestone in her life.

2. Monogram Earrings - If she's off to the workforce this pair of monogram earrings is classic and timeless.

3. Monogram Glassware - Apartment living is the beginning of nice things even if they are gifts. A set of glassware will help grow up the apartment.

4. Monogram Throw Blanket - A nice house warming gift if her next stop is apartment living with the heat turned down to be able to pay the electric!

5. Personalized Picture Frame - a nice framed picture of her graduation for keepsake is always a winner. Engrave this frame with her name, school name and/or graduation date.

6. Monogram Weekend Tote - If she is going to travel after graduation, a set of weekend totes is the perfect graduation gift.

7. Coordinates Bar Necklace, Thinking keepsake, choose to engrave the coordinates also known as Latitude and Longitude of her Alma Mater or the name of the University on an on trend Bar Necklace that is sure to be a keepsake.

Home Decor Monograms - Help her spruce up her new apartment.

9. Monogram Ring - Another keepsake suggestion to mark her milestone, we have monogram rings in engraved styles and cut outs.

10. Monogram Laundry Tote - So at this point, following college graduation, the laundry doesn't go home to get done, it actually has to make it to her own laundry shoot. Choose one of our decorative laundry totes that doubles as a laundry bin.

We hope we've given you some ideas for your graduation gift! Thanks for stopping by Carolina Clover!

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