Wedding Necklace Design

Posted by Dawn, Store Owner on 23rd Jun 2017

Brides are searching for a wedding necklace design and we would like to offer you a really affordable option.  Whether your are a bride searching for the perfect wedding necklace design or if you a the groom searching for the bride's wedding day gift from you, we encourage you to consider a monogram necklace. Why choose a monogrammed necklace as a wedding necklace design?  

Her first item with her new last name

We love the idea of gifting a bride something with her new last name, we especially love it if it is a piece of jewelry.  Southern ladies have long known that monogramming anything new, a new bride, a new baby, a new home is an acceptance of the new chapter that lies ahead.

It is a keepsake

She will always cherish the wedding necklace she wore on her wedding day.  It doesn't go in a box to be stored or passed on to the next bride. Those are all valid thoughts, however, if the bride has a monogram necklace it is simply created for her and only her to wear.

She can wear her wedding necklace after the wedding.

Throw your going away outfit on after the wedding and get on to the honeymoon, all wearing the necklace you wore at your wedding with your new monogram.  Year later, she can still wear her monogram necklace for family photos or even to the office.

Now that we've given you a few reasons to consider a monogram necklace for your wedding necklace design, let us embark on a few options.  The most critical is selecting the metal.  Carolina Clover offers monogram necklaces in silver, gold and rose gold options.  The best guideline on the metal is matching her wedding ring set.  If she is wearing a platinum wedding set, obviously we don't make platinum monogram necklace, but we do make sterling silver that will match and be stunning. 

The next choice should be size.  We offer the really big monograms to the really petite monograms, if it is going to be the brides wedding necklace design, you should probably consult her desires on this. You'll also need to choose the length of the chain and the bail options. Carolina Clover can assist you where ever you feel lost on this.

Another consideration is wedding necklace design.  Carolina Clover offers several jewelers with very different designs of the monogram pendant.  Some of the obvious differences are right in the product photos, we can point out some other design differences for you.  Some of our jewelers offer more simplistic designs and some are really elaborate creations.

Another critical consideration is timing.  Monogrammed necklaces take 2-4 weeks in production depending on the time of year you are ordering.  This sort of custom production cannot be rushed. Please allow yourself enough ordering time to create the necklace your are dreaming of and have it arrive in time for the wedding day.