At CarolinaClover.Com we frequently get questions on gifts and monograms, check out our frequently asked questions for some answers to gift giving.

Are there any guidelines for monogramming jewelry, gifts, and accessories to give to ladies, men, couples, etc? I don't know what to choose!

YES! With so many options and styles available in monogramming jewelry, gifts, and accessories, there are guidelines for getting it perfect every time. Men's monograms vary from women's monograms in style and order! The wedding couple or newlywed couple bears even more guidelines in monogramming invitations, centerpieces and home decor! Don't let this overwhelm you. Once you understand the guidelines for monogramming jewelry, gifts, and accessories its no big deal, so to find out all the styles available to you, check out's comprehensive guide on all things monogram on our blog and then come on back to to purchase your gift and let us know if you have any more questions! Click this link to our blog to read our monogramming guide.

I saw your "little girl's" jewelry on your site, how old should children be before they should get a piece of monogrammed jewelry?

That's a good question and one we hear often. suggests not ordering jewelry for children under 6. Children younger than 6 may still have tendencies to put jewelry in their mouth and for this reason and others that we suggest our jewelry not be gifted to children under 6. We choose not to carry jewelry containing lead for children or jewelry suited for infants by our own store policy at this time. Better safe than truly sorry.

What are your store's policies for returns?

We highly encourage our shoppers at to review our store's policies prior to purchase. While we feel that our policies are very customer focused and friendly adhering to our Southern Charm trademark, we cannot accept returns of personalized gifts unless a mistake has been made on our part. You can view's entire policy guideline here.

What is Fashion Gold Tone?

A fashion gold tone piece of jewelry is a term we use on the web site that expains that no real gold is included in the piece. This makes the jewelry piece more affordable, but it also means that it must be maintained with polishing, storing, and avoidance of chemicals while wearing the jewelry piece.

What is Black Letter Engraving?

Black letter engraving is an intricate engraving process that burns the metal black with a deep penetrating engraving into the metal. The recesses of the engraving are black while the rest of the piece is retained with shine of its natural finish really allowing the black letter engraving to POP off the piece. The black does not wear off like darkening agents can and it can only be done on thicker pieces because is does penetrate the metal.

Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

Honestly yes and a lot depends on that answer.  If you mean blacken as in tarnish, yes, sterling silver will tarnish like grandmother's tea set. Some people wear sterling silver all day and never have a problem with it and never have to polish it. Others wear sterling silver for a couple of hours and their skin turns black.  It may be a reaction to the skin, it may be a reaction to lotions or soaps, but it can be affected by day to day wear and tear. Sterling silver really is easy to maintain with a good jewelers polishing cloth and signs of tarnish no matter how they come about does not mean the piece is of poor quality. All our silver is either pure (handstamped) or .925 Sterling Silver.  The only way to avoid ever having sterling silver tarnish is to plate it in Rhodium.  None of our custom jewelry designers plate in Rhodium because it changes the color of the sterling silver to the look of a Chrome Bumper on a 67 Chevy. It looks cheap.

Why has my ring turned my finger GREEN?

A metal turning your finger green is not typically a sign of poor quality metal or jewelry as widely believed.  If you have a metal that is turning your skin green, this is a sign of a metal allergy and you should clean or polish the ring, store it in a zip plastic bag and wear it for a few hours at a time. Your skin may get used to short term exposure. Chemicals, lotions, soaps etc, can aggravate the sking underneath the ring and cause this issue as well.