Embellished Engraved Acrylic Monogram Earring

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Image Embellished Engraved Acrylic Monogram Earrings

A unique embellished engraved acrylic monogram earring set that turns your initials into artwork! The acrylic is first engraved in your choice of acrylic color to set the background, then a second step process the monogram is permanently inked in silver or gold for a new embellishment. The acrylic makes them lightweight and the color makes them must have pieces. These acrylic monogrammed earrings are mounted on stud posts.  Consider a tortoise shell acrylic with gold fill, or a ballet pink acrylic with silver, the possibilities are endless and we love the price! These are the perfect, affordable monogram earring for all the girls. How else can you get a custom engraved monogram earring for under $30 a pair!