Store Policies

We'd like to think that our store policies are a form of communication in the way we do business, and we want you the buyer to be completely informed when doing business with Carolina Clover. This is your hard earned money you are entrusting us with, therefore, we believe that providing you a quality product and service is our utmost priority and how we have been successful in our years in business. We believe customer focused service is how we can earn your return business, so you will find that our store policies are laid out in depth to keep you informed on what to expect when doing business with us.

Personalized Orders

Your personalized order will be created exactly as you enter it in our order form. Pay close attention to the instructions for entry on ordering each product. All sales are final on personalized orders. No returns will be accepted, and no refunds will be issued for any reason, and no store credits will be given. 

Your selections on personalized orders will be honored to the best of our ability. However, if you select a monogram font for a name, we reserve the right to choose a a closely related font for you to get your item into production. Monogram fonts cannot be used for writing names and name fonts cannot be used for monograms in most cases. If you have a question on our fonts, order form etc, please contact us to clarify. No returns will be accepted because we made a font substitution for you based on the information you provided us. 

In some rare instances we get requests that are slang or offensive. None of our designers nor Carolina Clover will produce a personalization on any of our items that is offensive or slang in content. We reserve the right to make this judgement call based on our own morals and ethics and offer you the opportunity to change your personalization request or refuse to fill your order at all and provide your a refund. If you are notified that your personalization request has been considered offensive, this is a final decision by us and our designers.


Your shipping rate will be quoted at the time of purchase. We run specials on shipping from time to time so your rate will vary accordingly. We do not provide carrier options because we have some items that are shipped straight from our supplier, jeweler, or artist and they will ship via the method they choose and we will provide you tracking information once we receive notification that an item has shipped. Always default to a USPS shipping address vs a UPS address as the USPS is the carrier of choice for a majority of our suppliers.

Our turn around time for most items to get in the mail to you is approximately 2 days on non personalized items. Personalized items like some monogrammed jewelry styles can take up to 4 weeks for production before they are shipped. We've indicated production times on the items they pertain to, and can be found in the product descriptions under "Availability". Production times may be longer than quoted under busier circumstances, like holidays, manufacturer delays or out of stock situations. No cancellations, refunds or store credits can be processed for orders not arriving by a specific "day".

Our Shipping Methods Defined: In your shopping cart you will see the following options for shipping, here are the service definitions.

Please choose the shipping method for your order:

This order can be picked up in our retail store in 7-10 business days following production for free of charge. Please see our retail store information page for information on address and hours of operation. When your package arrives at our retail store, we will contact you via email or phone for pick up.  Please provide us valid info at checkout because it is critical that we are able to contact you concerning your order in a timely manner. Do not select this method if your order is needed by a certain date. Ship to store is in fact, "SHIP TO STORE" we work with various designers that perform fufillment for us, your order may be completed by another designer, not us.  Ship to store orders personalized or not personalized cannot be cancelled or refunded once your order has changed to pending.  The remainder of our online store policies apply to ship to store orders.

Our flat rate shipping for $7.95 is provided by a wide range of carriers (UPS, FEDEX, USPS) Our designers choose the carriers based on the relationship they have with the carriers and their billing accounts and negotiated rates.  We've provided you an economical shipping option for orders under $100. Shipping can be as little as 3 days and up to 10 days with this flat rate. Choose this option when you are not concerned with the amount of time it takes to receive  your order.

If timing is critial, you should select 2nd day shipping service for your order.  Account for production days on the availablity of the item you are ordering and 2-3 shipping days. This is not guarenteed delivery by a certain date, but it does expedite the shipping of your order. It does not, however, expedite the production of your order.

If you are ordering your item to be delivered within 7 days, we must push your item through production and pay for the fastest shipping possible (overnight or 2nd day) Some designers allow us to move your custom order to the front of the production line and push it through for a fee and this fee is included in the rush order. Other designers do not allow us to do this, like Jane Basch and Initial Reaction. If you are ordering an item with these custom designers, we are unable to Rush your order.  If your item has been rushed, and shipped we cannot refund your RUSH if we rushed and shipped within 5 business days. At that point, we've paid for a shipping service we have to trust to deliver your item in the time we've selected (overnight or 2nd day). If something happens in shipping, this is beyond our control and no refunds of any kind will be processed.

Order Statuses

The following is outlined in assisting you with determining your order status within your account.  

Awaiting Fufilment

If your order is listed as awaiting fufilment, your order is within the 24 hour window of processing and is awaiting production. Please contact us immediately if you have changes to this order within this time frame. Orders are sent to custom production from 0 hours to 48 hours of placement online. Orders are typically not sent to production on weekends, however, we reserve the right to send orders to production on weekends of high sales volume.


If your order is listed as pending, this means that your order has been sent to custom production and NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE TO YOUR ORDER. Please refer back to the availability portion of the item you ordered for the production timeline and this is when you can expect orders to ship.


Your order has shipped and a tracking number has been emailed to you via an autoresponder in our order handling system. Please use the tracking information provided to you to track your order.


If your order has a status of completed, it has been shipped via our in store shipping system and an email has been autogenerated for you with tracking information.

Pending Verification

A status of pending verification means your order is on hold until we reach you via email or phone.

Christmas Delivery

Deadlines for receiving items for Christmas delivery are posted in a timely manner in the 4th quarter of the year on each product as we receive them from the supplier/designer.  These are estimations based on sales volume and experience and not a guarantee of Christmas delivery. We have had suppliers "move up" this date on us unexpectedly when they realized they could not meet the original estimated date, this is very rare, but the reason why this Christmas delivery is an estimation and not a guarantee due to these uncontrollable circumstances. 

If you place your order after the posted deadline date, you will not receive your order in time for Christmas with our flat rate shipping.  Even if you add "2nd" day shipping to your order we do not guarantee Christmas delivery.  We have had carriers report back to us that they did not deliver for WHATEVER REASON (no one home, wrong address, dog in the yard, inclement weather), and we cannot control this issues with the carrier. It is your responsiblity to contact the carrier and make arrangements for delivery if they attempted delivery and failed. Use the tracking code from the carrier to contact them, you can get this information on the shipping confirmation we emailed you when your package originally shipped.

"Christmas delivery" from our suppliers means on or before Christmas EVE. We have had packages overnighted to make it on Christmas Eve from our suppliers. This is rare, but it has happened, at no additional cost to you, but definitely NOT for the faint of heart. If you need your package for a gift exchange days or weeks before Christmas, you will need to do the production timeline math and account for holiday sales volume and shipping volume. Contact us and we can give you information based on what we know from the supplier.


We want you to keep your Carolina Clover purchase forever and ever and ever, but it you find you need to return an item for whatever reason, we will accept returns within 30 days of ship date on non personalized items. Shipping will not be refunded as this is a cost of doing business with you that cannot be recovered from anyone.

All sales are final on Personalized, engraved, monogrammed, and embroidered items may not be returned, refunded or store credited.

Manufacturer Defects or Damage in Shipping

We stand behind all our products sold here at as  quality jewelry and gift items hand selected by us and packed and shipped in the method appropriate for the item.  Mistakes and mishaps do happen, and if this is an issue with an item you purchased from us, please contact us to let us know. We follow a "claim" policy when reporting a manufacturer defect or shipping damage within 30 days. Please be prepared to email us a picture (cell phone pictures are fine) of the damage so we may follow up with our manufactuer and get a replacement item in production for you if this is deemed appropriate by the manufacturer.  Replacements are not sent automatically, we must have a picture to review or have the item sent back to us to avoid incurring any additional charges for you or us. If a picture cannot be provided or the item cannot be sent back to us, you may incur a replacement value fee to issue you a new item. Please submit a claim so we can determine how best to resolve the issue for all parties involved. All manufacture defects are determined by the manufacturer, not Carolina Clover.

If you think you may have a quality issue, please contact us to discuss it. We will determine if it is a quality issue and submit a claim on your behalf with the manufacturer. If an item was described appropriately in the product description, as determined by Carolina Clover, and you "overlooked" this element like finish, color, detail, engraving, size, function, etc you need to know that this is not a quality issue and your item cannot be returned/refunded on this basis. Please read the product descriptions thoroughly prior to purchasing.

Tarnish, greening and scratching on jewelry are wear and tear and not manufacturer defects. Please contact us if this is an issue for you so we can assist you with the care an maintenance of your item.

Product Photos and Computer Monitors

Computer monitors translate colors differently, Carolina Clover is not responsible for how your computer monitor displays product photos on your computer. Default to the product description or by contacting us directly if there is any concern with finishes or colors.

Lost Shipments:

If you have provided us a verifyable shipping address as defined and accepted through UPS, FedEx, or USPS we can place an claim on your shipment and provide you a new shipment if you have done due diligence in attempting to locate your package. If you do not provide us a verifyable address, and we notify you of this issue, we can still ship the package with your permission, and you assume all risks of package delivery. This means your purchase will not be refunded or replaced, if your package is lost in shipping to an unverifyable address. A verifyable address is determined by the shipment carrier and not Carolina Clover. If a replacement shipment is issued and delivered, no refunds or cancellations can be processed.

If your shipment is returned to us undeliverable for whatever reason, you will be charged for shipping again to reship your package. 


We will refund the full purchase price of your return, not including shipping or return shipping. Refunds cannot be issued for personalized items unless there is a manufacturer defect as the manufacturer determines and a refund is offered by the manufacturer not Carolina Clover. Refunds are issued through the payment processor you used when placing your order ONLY. Company checks will never be issued to customers for any reason, refunds are via payment processors only. There may be a delay between when we issue the refund and when you receive it from the payment processor.  This delay is created by the payment processor not Carolina Clover. No other methods of refund may be honored (cash, check, gift card, credit to future purchase, etc) and refunds are never given outside of 30 days.


If we have an out of stock situation and we offer you a substitution, we may need to make changes to your order total.  In most cases, we will offer you an item in equal value, but this is based on availability of inventory.  If you refuse a substitution of an item you ordered, we can refund you your order in full.  If you have a partial order and we are refunding the out of stock item, this will make changes to any coupons applied or free shipping offers you received at your original checkout. Your refund will reflect these changes.  In most cases, we will be able to re apply the coupon to your new order total, but we many need to change your order shipping if it falls under our free shipping threshold. No exceptions to this policy will be made in regard to coupons and shipping offers.

Changes to Your Order

Immediately following receipt of your order confirmation you must review your receipt and contact us immediately if a change in your order needs to be made.  Orders are sometimes processed within 6 hours of being submitted, after 24 hours your order is in production and nothing can be changed. If your order is listed as "pending" your order has entered production and cannot be changed in anyway including but not limited to personalization, size, or shipping address.

If your order status is listed as "pending" in our system, your order has entered production and cannot be changed or canceled. 

Our Customer Service reviews the orders we receive very carefully for possible data entry errors. We catch a lot of errors with our thorough order review process and may ask you to confirm your personalization details via email or phone.  It is critical to include a valid email address and phone number on your order in case we have questions concerning your order.  Your order will be delayed from production until we make contact with you. If we cannot make contact with you in 7 days, we will cancel your order and refund your purchase and shipping price.


Personalized orders cannot be cancelled.  If you contact us the very same day your order was submitted, we may be able to stop your order from entering production, however, there is no guarantee that this is possible, especially if your order is now "pending" and if we can't stop your order from production, we cannot offer you a refund of your order. 

Bulk Order Discounts

Our web site will offer you a bulk discount on a pre-determined quanity and pre-determined discount for particular items.  This discount is only applied for a single checkout on qualifying orders paid for on the site in a single order submission.  This is how we can extend this discount to you as we have to cover our costs associated with doing business with you. You will find our bulk discounts very generous compared to other sites. Bulk phone orders will not receive a quanity discount. If there is a particular item you are interested in receiving a discount for, and you do not see a bulk pricing link on the item, please contact us via email only at for a quote. Our bulk discounts start a 5 items with per product totals of $25 or more, we will not extend discounts for items below this quantity or price point.

Out of Stock Orders

We work diligently to maintain a current status of in stock and out of stock items on our web site and catalogs, but this information is only deemed as good as the information provided to us from our supplier.  In most cases we are not notified at all of an out of stock situation, but as soon as we are alerted to the situation we will contact you to let you know, provide you an opportunity to cancel your order, provide you an estimate on when your order may be restocked, and/or provide you a possible substitution.

Out of stock orders will automatically be shipped when restocked unless other arrangements are made in advance of your item going to production like cancellation or substitution. If you choose to cancel your out of stock order and not wait for the restock and ship, your purchase will be refunded to your card/account credited as soon as we receive confirmation from the supplier that your order has been cancelled. Shipping charges are refunded only if no other items have shipped in your order. If you received a partial order from us, shipping will not be refunded but we may offer you a shipping reimbursement if you were to place your order again when the item you were purchasing is restocked.


Payment may be made to us via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal "account" to check out on our site, so don't let this alarm you if you do not have a Paypal account. Paypal will simply process your credit card for us. You will see one of two descriptions on your credit card statement one may be "Clover Gifts" and the other may be "Carolina Clover".

Payments are made in full at the time of placing your order online and charged to your card via our payment processor. Your card is charged immediately for your order. You may see your payment on your credit card statement before you receive your personalized order such as custom jewelry. Do not let this alarm you, your are experiencing a leadtime on your custom order. Which means you placed your order, your card was charged at the time of the order, your credit card statement period ended, you received your bill and your custom order is still in production. We'd be happy to confirm this with you by emailing us at with your order number and we can provide you an estimated ship date on your order.


Coupon offers can only be processed at the time of your online purchase.  Coupons are not valid for prior purchases nor do they hold any cash value.  Online coupon offers cannot be redemed in our retail store.  If you do not apply your coupon code at the time of purchase we are unable to modify your order to reflect this coupon. If you miss our coupon overlay, this cannot be reoffered to you, this is a one time offer. Expired coupons cannot be applied.  Retail store offers cannot be applied in the online store. Replacement coupons will not be issued for any reason. 


Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we will never share or sell any personal information you provide to us. We may in some instances, contact a supplier on your behalf for whatever reason (i.e. placing an order, manufacturer defect, verifying address for shipment etc) but it will never be for solicitation purposes unless you indicate to us you would like to receive our email marketing messages.


Our shopping cart is encrypted with a SSL (security socket layer) that protects any exchange of information from the shopping cart to your method of payment. We never see your payment details, only your order details.

Errors and Omissions

We take careful pride in the products, descriptions, and prices we list on our site. However, we are still human...and thus mistakes can be made. If you discover any discrepancy on our site, please bring it to our attention so we can review it and correct it if need be and provide you and our other shoppers a consistent shopping experience on

While we take responsiblity for our errors, we expect you take responsiblity for entries made on our site as it pertains to your order, billing and shipping. We cannot be responsible for your order entry errors. We do have a very thorough order review process and we catch many entry errors, however, it is impossible to catch all errors. Receipts with order details are emailed to you immediately after purchase. It is your responsiblity to review your order details and notify us immediately if you have a change to your order.  Time is of the essence as well because in many cases we start production of your order within 6 hours of order placement.

Please let us know if you have any questions concerning our shop policies at

We appreciate your business!

Dawn Crowder, Store Owner